Greenmount Surf Breaks

In the area surrounding Greenmount Point there are arguably some of the finest surfing breaks in Australia.

Beginning from the southern most break on the Gold Coast is the Queensland and NSW border beach break of Duranbah; locally known as D-Bah. Duranbah Beach has a fast breaking beach break that works best on a south east swell. The bigger the swell the faster and more hollow is the wave formation. The atmosphere on the water re wave selection and positioning is aggressive and at times even tribal. Local surfers are guarded about their ownership of their famous beach break. Duranbah Beach is often used as the location for many surfing events including international and professional surfing contests, as well as Professional Australian Surf Life Saving Ironman Races.

The next break travelling north is Snapper Point. This is a classic point break where the waves are formed by southern ocean swells converging towards the rocky point, they then slide over and around the rock formation to break on the shallow sand covered rocks on the ocean floor. Relative to many of the other coastal breaks, Snapper Point is surrounded by deep water. Therefore the wave formations tend to be full. These types of waves accommodate longer surf craft as opposed to short fast boards. This break is a favourite amongst long boarders and surfcraft enthusiasts.

The next break is Little Mali. This is only some 100m from Snapper, separated by a stretch of sand. Little Mali is a reef break located directly off Rainbow Bay Beach. This is a popular break with malabu long board riders.

The next wave break is Greenmount Point. As the name suggests waves curl around the rocky point breaking on a shallow sandbank. A southern swell and southeasterly wind is ideal for this break.

The final break in the Greenmount area is Kirra Point. Arguably the most popular and well-known point break in Australia. During southern swells and winds Kirra Point provides big hollow tube rides that are fast and furious. Quick take-offs and aggressive surfing is required to master the surfing conditions as well as the local surfers. Enthusiasts trek many miles when the surf’s up at Kirra and the cliff side road almost comes to a standstill as pedestrians and motorists alike slow to take in the spectacular surf break and the men and women who dare to surf it.

The most beautiful beach in Australia.
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