Coolangatta Accommodation Guide

Coolangatta — endearingly known to locals as Cooly — presents a delightful fusion of casual charm, scenic beaches, and a host of dining experiences.

Its laid-back ambiance sets it apart from the bustling hubs on the coast, making it an ideal retreat for those yearning for a serene getaway.

Accommodation in Coolangatta caters to all preferences, offering everything from budget-friendly lodgings to full-service luxury resorts graced with panoramic ocean views.

Staying at Coolangatta

As a great spot for beachfront resorts, hotels, and apartment accommodations, Coolangatta offers an array of choices for every kind of Gold Coast holiday seeker.

Regardless of your budget or personal taste, you’re certain to find a place to stay in Coolangatta that perfectly aligns with your requirements. Hotels coexist harmoniously with convenient self-catering apartments, which in turn share their boundaries with stunning ocean-side accommodations offering jaw-dropping views of both pristine beaches and secluded hinterland mountains.

Flanked by award-winning restaurants, laid-back beach bars, and some of the Gold Coast’s best burger and fish and chip shops, Coolangatta guarantees a memorable holiday experience that’s far from ordinary.

A short walk from any accommodation here places you beside a splendid beachfront, an eclectic range of cafes, bars, and bistros, as well as the vibrant Sunday markets. Here, you can shop for souvenirs or explore an enchanting variety of local produce and handicrafts.

Coolangatta’s popularity as a holiday destination soars during the annual events hosted in town, from sports events to vintage festivals that breathe life into this coastal haven. These public events offer opportunities for families to participate, learn something new, and revel in quality time together.

Overflowing with nostalgic, oceanside allure, Coolangatta’s a perfect place to stay for families.

The most beautiful beach in Australia.
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